What We Do

    A Typical Day at Crossroads

Each day begins at 6:00 am with a Bible study. All men are required to attend. Then it’s off to work! The first 4 months of a man’s program they work with the team roofing, carpentry or whatever the agenda of the day calls for. The idea is to get the men used to a good habit of working hard and feeling pride in their accomplishments. This also helps fund the program. Then after a full day’s work the men head to a faith based program at one of the local churches getting an arsenal of weapons they can use in defeating the enemy of addiction in their lives. When they return home the men do chores to keep the facility clean and tidy.   After 4 months the men are helped to find a job where they are being transitioned back into the community while still at the Crossroads house and adhering to all the rules. They are able to earn some money and hopefully pay off some debts and save for their new life that is fast approaching. After 6 months the men are celebrated with a graduation ceremony. We do have a graduate house that our men can live in if they need just a while longer to get their feet on the ground.